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Prevent visual hacking of confidential information

Last line of defence in depth - security panel

Flipmode security panel

NSN 7110-58-001-7225

Preventing the risk of overlooking 

Allows segregation of personnel in their access to confidential Information

Versatile and efficient use of space

Combining acoustics and white board

Can be equipped with a lock

Data breach can be confirmed

Modular system

Add panels for most suitable setup

Flipmode reference City of Espoo.001.jpeg
"With 2.5 years of experience, I strongly recommend Flipmode. A flippable panel lets me store confidential matters on the whiteboard to work on for a longer period of time."

Jukka Mäkelä, Mayor, City off Espoo

Lockable Flipmode Pro prevents and delays unauthorized viewing of data

Code or RFID lock


Secmode military & law enforcement solutions  
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