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Flipmode Project

Building on the foundation of Flipmode for Better Projects

Flipmode Project product range offers practical and efficient project tools to expand the teamwork and project capabilities of Flipmode even further. Flipmode project makes managing physical content easy and provides an additional level of privacy. Flipmode and Flipmode Project tools allow you to maximize the utilization of your teamwork spaces.

Flipmode Project products allow you to increase the utilization of your spaces as these make teams truly mobile as all the content associated with the project can travel with the team. This reduces or completely eliminates the need for dedicated spaces for individual projects. As number of Project Boards is not limited by the space where they are used Flipmode Project allows easy management of content for large and complicated projects as well as the team can use as many boards as they need.

 Flipmode Project Board.png

Project Board

The Flipmode Project Board is a double-sided movable whiteboard, ideal for projects and teamwork. Flipmode Project Boards are light and equipped with a magnetic surface.

Flipmode Project Boards can be hung on Flipmode security panels with the supplied whiteboard hooks. Flipmode security panels can also be used generally with Flipmode Project Boards, as there is enough space behind Flipmode panel for one Project Board.

Project Trolley

Cart  for eight Project Boards

The Flipmode Project Trolley is an elegant and practical way to store and transport Flipmode Project Boards.

The carts are made of high-quality materials and are treated with an elegant chrome coating.

Four swivel wheels make Flipmode Project Boards easy to transport.

The Flipmode Project Trolley holds eight Flipmode Project Boards.

 Project Trolley 2.png
 Project Track 4.png

Project Rack

Insert for 20 Project Boards

Flipmode Project Rack is a cabinet or shelf-mounted storage insert for 20 Flipmode Project Boards.

The practical sliding mechanism makes storing boards easy and space-efficient.

Flipmode Project Rack allows an efficient storage solution for Flipmode Project Boards to be seamlessly integrated into the rest of the interior, when the storage furniture can be ordered from the same supplier as the other storage furniture.

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